EG12_EA update fail

Hello, I have an EG12-EA modem, the firmware was EG12EAPAR01A09M4G, I updated via SSH to version EG12EAPAR01A13M4G, the firmware was interrupted and the modem is not detected, could you send me all the firmware versions for my modem and instructions and a utility for updating the firmware? (4.3 KB)

I send the firmware to you,please check .

Could you send me all versions of firmware for modems and write what is the most stable for each? And the qflash utility for flashing the modem with instructions for each, thanks!

Our firmware goes through a series of tests before they are released, so they are stable. Your modules do not need to execute any instructions to upgrade using QFLASH.

Can you please send me EG12EAPAR01A12M4G

to my email: