EG12-EA Mikrotik Chateau LTE12 Modem control interface reset

Hello everyone,

on Mikrotik chateau LTE, the LTE modem is regularly reset. The LTE1 interface is no longer visible in the configuration tool. This happens even if only one band is selectioned (20 or 3) or when CA is used. This also seems to happen under heavy load. Tested with two SIM cards that work well on a Netgear router and on a Fairphone

09:59:57 lte,packet,raw lte1 mbim: wdm >>> recv #0
09:59:57 lte,packet,raw 04000080 10000000 00000000 05000000
09:59:57 lte,info lte1 mbim: error: function error: not opened
09:59:57 lte,error lte1 mbim: modem’s control interface have reset (5)
09:59:57 lte,debug lte1 mbim: state 16=>0
09:59:57 interface,info lte1 link down

Chateau release 7.1.2 or 7.2.rc3
modem firmware EG12EAPAR01A10M4G

Thanks in advance for your help !

Thanks for your query in Quectel forums.
Please check whether the module is restarted due to insufficient power supply, because the module will emit high power and consume high current when it is plugged into the network. If the power supply is insufficient and the current is insufficient, it is easy to restart the module. It is recommended to check the power supply of the module and check whether the VBAT of the module has voltage sag when the module is restarted

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