EG06 - firmware EG06ALAR02A07M4G vs EG06ALAR02A07M4G_04 vs EG06ALAR04A01M4G

I have a small fleet of IoT devices with EG06 modems inside. I notice different firmwares on these devices and cannot find any release notes about them, or even to know which one is more recent.


Can you please tell me, of these 3 firmwares, which is the latest version, and point to any available release notes for them?

Thank you!

And follow up, where can I download EG06ALAR04A01M4G please?

latest firmware

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Thank you, I appreciate it! @herbert.pan-Q

I was able to successfully update my devices.

Hello @herbert.pan-Q

The file you linked is no longer available

Is there any new firmware for EG06AL please? Thank you

I have re-sent it to you

Thank you, I appreciate it !

can i get the updated firmware please.

Please provide your current firmware version