Hi, I just recently found the below mini pci module EG06-AUTL from a scrap broadband modem and i have intention to use it for some other project if possible. (specifically this project)

I am using this module to connect it to PC but im not getting USB detection.

I have EC25-AUX module which works with the above dongle adapter without any issues but not working with EG06-AUTL.

However, i have connected it to a PC (linux) with mini pcie slot and noticed that it is detected when i do lsusb but its is on a different mode called QDL mode. How can i get this to normal working mode.?

Any advise much appreciated.

I have tried masking couple of pins and finally found 3 port while its is connected to minipci port in that PC.

This is the pin i masked to get the 3 ports appear.

But still there is an issue. I’m not getting any detection at all when i connect it to this dongle adapter.