EG06 AT+QCOPS command unavailable?


I have upgraded to a RUT360 Teltonika modem that is using the EG06 modem. I previously used the RUT240 which contained the EC25(iirc) modem.

Does the EG06 support the AT+QCOPS command or similar? Previously I was using it to provide a ‘scan’ of the near by cells and bands so that I could get an idea of coverage in my area.

When trying on device I just get 'ERROR".

E.g on a EC25 I could do this:

+QCOPS: “2G”,“EE”,“xxxx”,-,-,-,-,-,-75,-,-
+QCOPS: “2G”,“O2 - UK”,“xxxx”,-,-,-,-,-,-73,-,-


Thanks for your query in Quectel forums.
Yes, EG06 does not support AT+QCOPS command temporarily. It is recommended to use AT +QENG=“neighbourcell” to view nearby base station information, thank you.


The output from neighbour cell isn’t quite as complete, I tend to get more of the results I was looking for from the QCOPS.

Is this a planned command for the future?

Thanks for your query in Quectel forums.
This is not certain yet, thank you.