EG-91xx timer management


I cannot find any documentation on EG91XX spec about getting LTE network parameters such as {T3402,T3412,T3412ext2,T3324,TeDRX,TPTW,qRxlevMin,qRxlevMinCE-r13,qRxlevMinCE1-r13} wich are mentionned on 3GPP releases and wich are well explained and present on BG96 specs ?

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These network parameters are stipulated in the 3GPP protocol. Our module complies with the 3GPP protocol. There is currently no documentation on the relevant network parameters, thank you.

I meant how to get these parameters from an EG91xx modem i.e i’m searching the corresponding AT command to get them not documentation wich is clarified on 3GPP protocol.

for example, in BG96 quectel modem we could retreive these parameters via AT+QCFG=“emmtimer” and AT+QCFG=“sibinfo” wich are not compatible with the EG91xx family.

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After internal communication, EC25 does not have these AT commands, so it cannot provide such documents, thank you.

There are some differences between BG96 and EG91XX in the working mode. BG96 is a low-power module, which supports NB and CATM. It is a medium or low rate module, so it pays more attention to DRX related timer parameters such as T3324,T3412, etc.EG91XX mainly works on LTE network. It is a high rate module with almost no requirement for power consumption.However, both follow the protocol standards specified by 3GPP, and if you can, you can grab the LOG to see the associated timer parameters!

Thanks for your reply. I agree with you about DRX related timers they are specific to low-power module but timers such as T3402 and T3412 are generic to all modules.
Just please how can i the log to see the associated timer parameters, is there a generic AT command for that ?

BG96 can be queried through “AT+CPSMS?”(Query the timer value of the terminal configuration) or “AT+QPSMS?”(Timer values issued by the mobile network), Please refer to BG96 instruction manual for detailed operation;EG91XX has no corresponding “AT Command” to query timer parameters,Mainly because these configuration timers are not concerned in this type of module.

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