EG-25 G Support for E-UTRAN network

I am using EG-25 G with a local LTE cat 4 network. I am unable to register on the network. (SIM works fine as checked on a different company modem and handset).
AT+COPS=? output shows my operator as:
+COPS:(1,“410 092”,“410 092”,“410092”,7)
But AT+COPS=1,1,“410 092”,7 returns the following error:
+CME ERROR: not found
The parameter selection for AT+COPS only allows 02 Access technologies selection (0,2). Is it possible to use E-UTRAN with EG-25 G or not?
Firmware version:EG25GGBR07A08M2G

Your result:

+COPS:(1,“410 092”,“410 092”,“410092”,7)

Shows that the modem supports LTE/E-UTRAN (the trailing “7”).

The most basic reason for network registration failure on an LTE network is that the APN isn’t set correctly.

Because 2G and 3G networks support circuit-switched connections, a valid APN isn’t required for them.

But LTE is packet-domain only, and the APN comes into play here.

Given you’ve got the MCC and MNC from your AT+COPS=? command, it might be a better idea to use the numeric syntax: