EG-25-G Firmware binaries download


I have a Quectel EG-25-G USB dongle and I am checking if it has a new firmware. Can you please tell me where I can download the latest firmware for my USB stick? It is disconnecting frequently and I think there is some problem with the firmware on USB stick,

Here is the result of ATI command below to identify the module.

Revision: EG25GGBR07A07M2G


I will send you the latest firmware by email, please check, thank you.
Best wishes

Thanks @FelixCheng-Q , I just checked my email and did not find them. I also looked in my spam folder. Can you please confirm that you sent them?

It has shown that the sending is successful, please check your email again, thank you

Thanks Felix. I got the files, but when I do Firmware update, i get this error (see image):

i am using QFlash 4.19

still facing the same issue?