Eclipes compiler on MacBook

Is it possible to compile the BC66 SDK using a Mac and Eclipse with the Arm configuration?

Yes, you can use the GCC compiler in Eclipse (you need to load the compiler in the tool), or you can use the GCC compiler built into our SDK package;If you use the GCC compiler tool in Eclipse, you need to be careful how you use it to avoid compilation errors!
For now, we mainly use the GCC compilation tool built into the SDK.

Are there instructions how to do this? I tried and get errors because it cannot find the “ril.h” files. The Getting Started guide is geared to using it on a PC, not a Mac

Sorry, there is no guide for compiling MacOS, let alone the Eclipse-based GCC compilation method. You can use the Eclipse-based GCC compilation in theory.However, we still suggest that you use the method we recommend, otherwise it is prone to unexpected errors.
Quectel_BC66&BC66-NA_QuecOpen_Quick_Start_Guide_V1.1.pdf (667.8 KB)