EC25J firmware update linux

Hi Quectel Forum,

I’m using the EC25J in an raspberry pi (kernel 5.15.61-v7+). The PCIEm is connected via USB.

We are facing some connectivity issues about getting ip and are still gathering information.
if the latest firmware for the following module exists I’d like to update. is the following firmware latest?

mmcli -m 0
model: QUECTEL Mobile Broadband Module
firmware revision: EC25JFAR06A06M4G
carrier config: ROW_Generic_3GPP
carrier config revision: 05010824
h/w revision: 10000

Best Regards.

Hi, I checked that you are currently using the latest version. Can you register the network normally? Is there a problem with APN? The problem of obtaining IP address was caused by the APN configuration. You can check it.