EC25EU LTE not working after update

Hello Friends,
I need help with the EC25EU module.
I was in a hurry to update the firmware via QFirehose but I used “-e” as an argument.
The update was successful, but the modem does not work. I did this with two modules… damn!
I restored the IMEI with the command AT+EGMR=1,7,“IMEI”, the sim card works fine but the modem still does not connect to the operator.

AT+QCFG=“BAND” reports invalid band:
+QCFG: “band”,0xffff,0x7ffbfdf3fff,0x3f

AT+QPRTPARA=3 reports error - operation not allowed.

This error occurs in most commands…

Can you help me somehow?

Dear @Marcin_Bodych
My colleague will help you.
Hi Lyman@lyman-Q
Please Lyman with this topic.

Hi @Marcin_Bodych
AT+QPRTPARA? Can the instruction be executed? Check whether there is a backup QCN.

only wotk AT+QPRTPARA=4 but… nothing else…

@lyman-Q i managed to resuscitate the modem by making a copy of the qcn from the EC25-E modem and uploading it to the EC25EU, I changed the IMEI and SN. The modem started working, but I’m not sure of the difference between the two. So far it works. It would be nice to have the original qcn, but if you can’t have something, you have to come up with a workaround :wink:

Hi @Marcin_Bodych
Do you have any other modules for EC25EU models? I think QCN of the same module will be more compatible. In addition, you can give me your email if you need the QCN of EC25EU.

Hi @lyman-Q , i only have a working ec25e and only two ec25eu modules that don’t have the correct cqn. if you can, please send cqn to ec25eu…

Hi @Marcin_Bodych
I have sent you the file of EC25-EU, you can first backup the one now in use, and then restore the one I sent to you. That way if what I sent doesn’t work, you can restore it to your own.

Hi @lyman-Q
File you uploaded works fine, i only restored the original serial number and imei. Thank you !!

You are welcome,that’s great.Have a nice day.