EC25E + FC20N + SDcard

Hi Quectel,

Now i am using:
EC25 with Quecopen is EC25EFAR06A01M4G_OCPU_01.001.01.001

I also added FC20N and SDcard to my production.

If i run one of them( FC20N or SDcard) it work perfect.

But when both run , i cannt acess the mounted sdcard to /media/sdcard/, the acess is very difficult and not stable.

Pla kindly let me how i can fix the issues

Dear Quectel Support,

Pls kindly support me

Hi @Micro_Controller

Please reproduce the issue and provied the steps and dmesg log.
Also,could try it on our open EVB borad? Do you mean FC20N is FC20?
I have tested on OPEN EVB board and didn’t reproduce the issue you mentioned.


Hi Puck,

I was found the cause and fixed it.

Anyway thank for your attention