EC25 with M.2(NGFF) interface

I have a question about a second hand EC25 module that I am about to acquire online. It says EC25-AFFD on the label, but instead of Mini PCIe interface, it has M.2 (NGFF) connection. Upon checking the IMEI, it says that it is EC25 with dual SIM support. Could anyone from Quectel confirm if such module exist?

Here is the IMEI: 864839042332169



Hi @ekawahyu
Yes,It exists via IMEI lookup.

@lyman-Q Thank you for checking this up. Do you have any info where I can obtain this model in bulk? Like company info to third party seller maybe? Thank you

Hi @ekawahyu
Thank you for your trust. May I ask which country your company is in and how many modules do you want to purchase?

Location is in the US, California, about 25 pcs. Thank you.