EC25: Windows connection priority

I have installed a EC25-V Mini-PCIe in a laptop.
Drivers load fine. EC25 operates normally as long as I do not also have a wifi connection active.

I need to operate the EC25 with both an active data cellular connection and a wifi connection.
When both are active, IP needs to route through the cellular connection.
When cellular is disconnected, IP needs to route through the wifi connection.

Using the the Windows powershell, the InterfaceMetric priority setting in the power shell, the wifi connection has been set to 99 and the cellular connection has been set to 1 using the following commands:

For the wifi interface:
Set-NetIPInterface -InterfaceIndex 17 -InterfaceMetric 99
Set-NetIPInterface -InterfaceIndex 12 -InterfaceMetric 1

In the driver setting for each, in the IPv4 and IPv6 configuration, the Interface metric in the GUI reflects the settings set in the power shell above (just to confirm).

With these settings, IP always routes through the wifi connection.
The only way to route IP through the cellular module is to manually disconnect the wifi.

I need both connections active and to route as described at the beginning of this post.

I can take any other pair of data connections (e.g. wifi, ethernet), and the routing priority will route in accordance with the NetIPInterface metric setting.

How do I operate the EC25-V as the priority IP route?

The computer first comes to connect to the module’s network instead of WiFi. This module cannot do this. Maybe you can try to modify some configuration of the computer to solve

This is the problem.

With both Cellular and Wi-Fi active, Windows routes IP through Wi-Fi. Never by Cellular.
Even with NetIPInterface metric for Cellular interface set to lowest value.

The only way to route IP through Cellular interface is to manually disconnect Wi-Fi.

The desired configuration is to have both interfaces connected and not require user to manage the connections. Routing through the Wi-Fi interface should only occur if Celluar is disconnected.

NetIPInterface metric priorites work between Wi-FI, Ethernet and any other interface.
But not the Quectel interface. It seems the Quectel Windows driver was implemented without the use of NetIPInterface routing management.