EC25 Wake Up Host With RI

Hi, I need help about design such circuit.

  1. I want to turn off HOST
  2. Send keep enable signal to EC25 POWER because HOST is down so enable from HOST to EC25 POWER is LOW.
  3. EC25 to sleep mode.
  4. With SMS wake up EC25
  5. Send enable signal to HOST POWER

So my question is,
1- How to put EC25 to sleep and get HIGH from which pin?
2- How to wake up EC25 and send HIGH to HOST POWER. Use which pin?

Also my other question is keeping EC25 always ON is create any problem?

Thanks for your help.

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 22.06.08

Hi, as I understand,

We will use DTR to send EC25 Module to sleep.
And RI to wake up host.

My questions than are;
1- What is the maximum time limit for RI to send signal
2- Do I need to connect AP_READY to host, I am asking this it say connect to host at Power Management Application Note Document.
3- Is that something bad that EC25 module will be always on in our scenario.