EC25 variants not clear


I have specified for my project a EC25-AU module. But I found some variants available for ordering, and none of them are decribed on the device’s datasheet. I know that for my contry (Brazil) only EC25-AU and EC25-AUX should be used. When searchig on Mouser, there are these options:


What are the differences between them? Where is this information and why does Quectel doesn’t make it public?

Dear Ecarletti,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.Normal you should ask our local sales manager or the local distributor to get more information. Please check the following information. Hopefully it is useful to you. Thanks!

The following two OC have the same hardware, OS is different, EC25AUX support ThreadX OS, EC25AUGC is Linux kernel.


Dear Kyson,

Thanks for your answer. Why does Quectel dosn’t make this information available on the daasheet or any other document?

Dear Ecarletti,
Sorry that bring any inconvenience for you. Normally you can get such information from local sales or FAE. As you know that, we have many modules, and one modules may have several variants, it is hard to share all the information in one datasheet with customer. Thanks for your suggestion, we may try to improve it and provide better support service for our customers. Thanks!