EC25-V Stops Passing Traffic, Loss of Connectivity

I have an EC25-V that I’m attempting to evaluate, and it randomly stops passing traffic, sometimes minutes after establishing a connection, sometimes longer.

This appears to be similar to the “loss of gateway” in another post. Asking around, indications from other Quectel EC25 users are that I may need a firmware update - an ATI reports EC25VFAR02A12M4G

When the card works, it works well, but my application can’t tolerate random traffic drops and reboots from the network watchdog.

Please advise, thanks!

Dear Bradg,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
About your issue, could you help to provide more information.

  1. whether you have change another SIM card to have a try ?
  2. If it stops passing traffic, whether it can restore automatically ?
    3.Whether you have any test AT log or debug log can share with us which can explain the issue ?


I have tried two other SIM cards, with the same results. Connectivity is not restored on it’s own - either a reboot of the router from the watchdog, or a USB power cycle is required to re-establish the connection. I do not have any logging via AT commands or system logging to share - there is no apparent loss of connection, but the IP gateway of the LTE device is simply no longer reachable.

What is the latest official firmware for the EC25-V module? Assuming it is newer than what I have, can it please be made available for me to try? I have removed the module from my setup and currently have it in a USB adapter for ease of upgrading firmware.

I do not have this issue with a competing brand’s module, but as I already have several EC25-V cards that didn’t work in applicaton, I would prefer to at least try the firmware upgrade route on the next phase before I move on to other options.



Dear Brad,
The firmware newer than EC25VFAR02A12M4G is EC25VFAR02A13M4G. You can send email to to get it. Thanks!

Is EC25VFAR02A13M4G still the latest firmware for this EC25 module at this time (January 2022)?

Thank you!