EC25 USB disconnect / reconnects

We have a large number of EC25 PCIe modems that we use on embedded hardware running Yocto linux. We have noticed that a number of these show periodic and apparently random USB disconnects and reconnects.

This does not seem to be down the power supply or the load being put on the modem.

Checking the modem firmwares, we have various:

Seems somewhat unstable, with USB device disconnecting and reappearing occasionally

Seems very unstable, with USB device disconnecting and reappearing frequently

Seems stable currently

Is this a known issue with certain firmware? If so, is there a known “good” firmware we can use, and could we flash it remotely from the linux command-line without physical access to the device?


Hi Sir
What the embeded device is? Is the EC25 an USB dongle?
As I know, there is no such known issue.
It is mostly caused by hardware design.

Thanks. Yes, in the end we found it was a silly voltage problem in hardware, just slightly too low to work reliably.

Can you let me have the QFlash tool for Windows, along with the usb boot pin recovery instructions? We have one unit that failed during a software update and are attempting to recover i

I will send you the QFirehose.
For the usbboot pin. please refer to the Hardware Design Manmal.