EC25 Ubi Generation

I am building a firmware based on EC25 SDK and having an issue to generate Ubi file for uploading it by QFlash. For example, let’s say I am building an example, ql-ol-sdk/ql-ol-extsdk/example/dfota.
I can build it successfully and get the example_fota binary file.

The log is like this:

I just need to know how to generate .ubi that I can flash the EC25 module by QFlash. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Please let me know if there are any updates on this topic.

Hi there,

Do you mean you want to add a new partition and generate its ubi?


Hi Zach, thanks for your response.
This is my case. I use Ubuntu 20.04 LTS for crosscompile the EC25 firmware.
I can flash the EC25 modules via adb shell on Linux.

But I’d like to flash the EC25 module on Windows using QFlash.
It seems like I need .ubi file for that. So I’d like to know how to generate .ubi file. If there is a document to describe such a progress, that would be great. I look forward to hearing from you.


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I assume that you should have firmware package for EC25 module, is this right?

Yes right.
The EC25 SDK version of mine is EC25EFAR06A03M4G_OCPU_01.001

No, I mean firmware package rather than SDK package.

Sure, I have both SDK and FW packages.

ok, then unzip fw package, using Qflash(select DM port), go to fw firehose directory, select file as below, flash fw afterwards.

I crosscompile the firmware on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.
For example, if I crosscompile the example_dfota example, I can see the binary file example_dfota.
My question is how I can upload this example_dfota binary file using QFlash.

If there is a documentation to explain it, that would be perfect.

Qflash is used to upload module firmware.
While example_dfota, as you said, is only a binary file.
So I assume you mixed those two parts.
If you want to push this binary file to module, then use adb or rz tool in module.

Thanks for the clarification.
Is there other ways to push the firmware (binary file) to the module on Windows?

You could use adb on Windows like following(xxx is the file you want to push):


Thanks Zach, it’s really helpful.
I didn’t know that I can use adb on Windows. If you can provide me with the link of adb installer, that would be perfect.

When I was working with BG96, I used QNavigator to push the binary file.
So I want to ask if there is any Desktop application that has the similar functionality.


I’ve found it.
Here is the useful link for Windows, Linux and macOS users.

I think I can go with ADB.
Thank you for your help.

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No problem.
Wish you all the best.