EC25 tx buffer size?

Hi, everyone.

We using EC25 and command [AT+QISEND=0,1460].

Sometimes the response is [SEND FAIL] which means tx buffer is full.
How much is the maximum tx buffer size of EC25?

And how to recover from SEND FAIL?
We can only wait buffer becames not full and retry QISEND command?


hi there
EC25 tx buffer is 10K. You can slow down the frequency of send command, thank you.

Dear Xu,

Thank you for your reply.
Only 10K ? It is because when I use command of “AT+QISEND=0,0” to confirm rest of buffer, it response such as [123456, 100000, 23456] .
I think this is means the tx buffer is more then 23456 byte. Sometimes it reaches near 30000byte, so i thought tx buffer is around 30Kbyte.


Dear Xu,

Hi, any update about the above question?


hi there
23456 byte is not tx buffer, it means unackedbytes. Our tx buffer and rx buffer is 10K on EC25 standard module, thank you.