EC25 slow speed

Hello there

I’ve already read the most post’s here on this forum regarding EC25 speeds, but haven’t found a solution yet.

I’ve got an EC25EFAR02A08M4G (EC25-E from the official Development board) with a SIM which has a flat rate and capable speeds over 100Mbit/s (Which was tested with my Smartphone at the exact location the Module right now is).

I’ve checked the Hardware if something could be wrong.
Every connector and all is connected correctly.

Software-wise I’ve made sure, there is no Bottleneck between Linux and the EC25 Module (USB Speed or other Problems).

Still, I get only speeds of a max 40 Mbit/s.

As asked in other post’s, I’ve made sure I got my EC25 connected on the LTE band, following some printouts from the AT commands: (x are values that I blacked out because of privacy, but they’re good values)

+COPS: 0,0,“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,7

+QNWINFO: “FDD LTE”,“xxxxx”,“LTE BAND 3”,xxxx

+CSQ: 29,99

Can someone help me here?

Thanks in advance for every reply.

Greetings, Mike

Hi, Bigwin001,thanks for your question
Your smart phone may support higher uplink and downlink rates, so the rate of the phone cannot be used to compare the rate of the module. 40Mbps is a very high rate. If you need a higher rate, you can consider Quectel’s LTE-A module and 5G module, thank you.

Hello there.
As stated in your specification of the module, it supports a max of 150Mbit/s downlink. How is 40Mbps a high rate for a 150Mbps capable module?
And why doesn’t it provide the stated data rate it’s stated for?

Hi there
150Mbps is the theoretical maximum downlink rate that cat4 can achieve. In a real network, it cannot be exclusive to the network due to the network environment, so it can generally reach 30-50Mbps. If you want to obtain a higher downlink rate, you can check the meter Test on it. Based on our internal testing, the rate specified in the specification can be reached under the instrument environment.