EC25 resets itself sometimes once data connection is established

We are using a EC25 module on a linux debian 10 based system and intermittently the EC25 resets itself. What we have noticed is that it connects to the data network gets an IP address via udhcpc and then when we start sending data out via a ping the module resets itself after a couple of successful pings.

We are trying to figure out the root cause of the issue and wanted to know if there is some way to debug this issue via some AT commands etc. Is there some internal debug log that we can access to see what caused the reset?

Dear Bohemian,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
About your issue, whether you have check the power supply? Just as you have said that it reset only when you send data, it seems that related to the power supply. As you know that it will cost high power supply when the module transmit data at a high output power. So it is better to check it. Thanks!

Hi Kyson,

I used the AT commands below to see the power, not sure if those are the correct ones. Also what would be the acceptable range for QADC values? And are there any other commands that I can try to get more information on what is happening?
+QADC: 1,49

+QADC: 1,48

Is there any type of information that I can get from the EC25 module to see what could’ve caused the reset of the module? Some type of a log file or something?

Dear Bohemian,
If you want to check the power supply, it is better to use oscilloscope, not AT command. You need to monitor the whole process, not just one time. Thanks!
The following is the supported range of QADC value, please check it. Thanks!

Of course, we can judge whether the module have reset from debug log, you can get it from debug UART, but it need password to login via debug UART, please contact local FAE to get it. You can email to to get local support. Thanks!

Dear Kyron,

we also happen to use EC25 - or actually will use with our upcoming device - so this is of interest to us as well. However, we don’t have a good enough oscillator ourselves for measuring/monitoring and I don’t remember seeing the info so could you tell me exactly how much power the module can require?

We are interested in of course “worst case scenario” (low signal etc) in general but also in short high spikes that might occur and for which the power supply must be designed for.

Or is there maybe a document explaining all this we could get/request?

Thank you!


Dear MikaAleksandroff,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
About this issue, it is better to check the module hardware design document, which already explain the power supply requirement of EC25 module, you just need to meet such requirement, of course it is better to reserve some margin. Thanks!
Quectel_EC25_Hardware_Design_V2.2.pdf (1.5 MB)

Dear MikaAleksandroff,
In addition to the reply from Kyson, you can do following test:
At VBAT_RF and VBAT_BB, replace the 100uF capacitors by Tantalum 220uF (or even 330/470uF). Then check if you still have the problem.
If the problem disappeared, it was the Power Supply (or battery) going below it’s minimum of 3.3V for a short moment.