EC25 request for latest stable/production firmware (qmi interface stops responding)


I’m experiencing some problems with EC25 modems. It happens that sometimes that the qmi interface stops responding. The OS is linux 4.1.15, and the firmware currently running is EC25EFAR06A08M4G

Can you please send me the latest stable firmware?


Hi @vitalife
OKay,Please give your e-mail and i will send the latest firmware to you.

I’m sending in private message, thanks!

Hi @vitalife
I send it to your e-mail,please check.

Thank you :slight_smile:
We also have another HW revision currently running EC25EUGAR06A07M4G

Are there updates available for this revision?

Hi @vitalife
It has been sent to you, please check it.

Hi, can I please get the latest firmware for EC25EUGAR06A07M4G