EC25 QuecOpen network selection


We are currently using EC25 with the QuecOpen solution for our products. Along with IoT SIM cards that are capable of connecting to cellular networks anywhere around the world (multi-operator SIM card that do not use network steering).
Our products are all set to use the automatic network scan mode (AT+QCFG=“nwscanmode” set to 0/automatic).
In most cases the cellular network chosen is more than suitable. However we do have a few products that seem to select networks that don’t seem suitable. For instance we have 2 devices within a few meters of each other, both in the same environment, however one is using LTE and has good signal and the other is using HSPA with a good signal. Therefore I’d like to know why it does that.

My question is how do the EC25 and QuecOpen do the automatic cellular network scan mode ? What’s the algorithm behind it ?
Or does the SIM card dictate which network to use ?

In another topic for BG95(M3) Stephen.Li-Q indicated that the BG95 did the network selection in the following way:

Is this also valid for the EC25 ?
I don’t seem to find anything on that in the EC25 or QuecOpen documentation.

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Hi @hnott
EC25, BG95 and even most modules will refer to 3GPP’s network search logic, so the logic is the same as your screenshot, first search for the RPLMN network. That is, the network information registered last time. I think when you said registering to different networks, it may be because the network registered before was different, that is, the information stored in RPLMN is different, so a different network was registered this time. You can lock the module registered with HSPA to LTE and let the module register with the LTE network. When you restart the phone, it will first look for the LTE network.