EC25 qmi integration in SC20, internet issue

We are trying to interface EC25 on SC20 evk. We are doing on Android 7.1.2. We are having issue with internet.
I have manually applied the attached patch (0002-Telephony-and-ril-for-SC20-plug-in-EC25.patch)
I am using the attached RIL layer(Quectel_Android_RIL_Driver_V2.9.6_master_beta) which i downloaded from the internet and i am getting x(cross) mark at mobile network symbol UI as shown in the below pictture and i got the IP address but still i am not able to ping.

Please find the files in the below drive link


Can i find solution for this.

Sorry for delay.
Did the SC20 connect with the Internet through EC25? And just the UI shown was not as what we want?
Please catch the radio log by

logcat -b radio -v time > radio.log

Please give the ridio log and the pictures in here but not the goolge drive. I have no access to it.