EC25:NMEA output both USBMODEM and debugUART , it is possible? or not

Excuse me.

I want to get both NMEA outputs , USB and debugUART .
Because USB output for system , debugUART for monitoring GPS performance by Windows terminal application.

But , according to GNSS AT command manual

<out_port> String type.
“none” Close NMEA sentence output
“usbnmea” Output via USB NMEA port
“uartdebug” Output via debug UART port

Cannot I receive both output?
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Sorry for this, currently only log output can be achieved in one port, please forgive me.
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Thank you for your response.

Please more information.

First, when the main system is using the USB interface,
Is it possible to switch the NMEA output to UART?
(After that , NMEA output is only UART , It’s not a problem)

Use TX AT command for change outputport to UART ,
Can I obtain NMEA output from UART?

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