EC25 mounting problem, firmware upgrade possibly needed?

I have a Quectel EC25 module installed in a target device (Teguar TRT-4380-10) that runs an embedded Yocto Linux distribution. The module information is displayed below as provided by the ATI command.

Revision: EC25EFAR66A01M4G

I’m currently facing a problem where the /dev/ttyUSB0, /dev/ttyUSB1, /dev/ttyUSB2, /dev/ttyUSB3 and /dev/cdc-wdm0 devices are often not mounted properly after the boot process. Usually only a few of those devices would be available, or none at all, in which case the module would not even show up in “lsusb”. In some rare occasions all devices would be available, in which cases I can access the network interfaces normally.

The dmesg logs show that those devices are repeatedly mounted and unmounted multiple times, regardless of whether the devices ended up stabilizing and being available as mounted in the end. I have attached a zip file that contains two “dmesg” logs, one shows a scenario where all devices were properly mounted, and the other one shows a scenario where they were not. (13.4 KB)

Here’s a run of “dmesg -T | grep -i usb” for you to understand what usually happens.

I believe that a firmware upgrade could possibly help. Would anyone from Quectel please provide the latest firmware for the EC25 module and installation instructions? Any additional tips on what might be causing this behavior would be appreciated.

I’m seeking assistance here in the forum since the support email contact has not responded. Is still the right contact for support or has it changed?

hello Bruno_Campera, thanks for your question
I send you the firmware via email, please check it, thank you.

Hi Duncan, thanks for the firmware.
Could you please provide installation instructions on a Linux target that contains the EC25 module?
I’ve looked on the forums and people mention the QFlash tool, but I do not have it, could you please provide it?

I got this version of the QFlash tool through Github.

However, getting it through official Quectel means would be preferable, since this repository is over 2 years old.

These are the files contained at the firmware zip file I received.


I’ve also found some PDF that contains brief generic instructions on QFlash usage.

It shows that a single package file should be transferred through the flashing process. Is it in the list of files in my images? Or should the command actually point to the path of the extracted directory from the zip file?

In addition to my previous question, I’ve noticed that the QFlash PDF mentions using some sort of module specific driver at the host.

Linux currently assigns “option” driver to the EC25, as you can see below.

Should I replace option driver with this other Quectel driver? Where can I get it?

EDIT: I’ve found this other repository with a Quectel USB driver, however it’s last commit is dated late 2018.

EDIT 2: Code in repository above does not seem to compile properly, unfortunately. I’d appreciate if somebody gave me the right code.

Hello Bruno_Campera, thanks for your feedback
I have send updated tools and driver on linux via email, please check your email, thank you.

Hey, can you send me latest firmware of ec25 and installation guide on my email too?
i am also facing similar problem while building my yocto image.

Hello Sahil_Ahluwalia, thanks for your question
I have send updated tools and driver on linux via email, please check your email, thank you.

Hello Anish_Deshmukh
Please query the version of your module via ATI command, we will send you the version based on your module version. As i know, JIO operator do not support SGS SMS, you should make sure you activate Volte fuction, thank you.

Hi Duncan! Thanks for the quick reply. Do you mean to say that I should activate volte function for the sim card or for the module?

hi Anish_Deshmukh
Both of them need activate volte, after make sure your SIM card activate volte, then query module’s MBN file wether activate or not via AT+QMBNCFG=“list”.

The AT+QMBNCFG=“list” returns ERROR. What should I do?
Also, can you provide the latest MBN file for JIO Sim?

hi there
Sorry i gave you the malformed command. Execute at+qmbncfg=“list” command, you can see what mbn did the module active. We do not give customer mbn file directly, if you want update your mbn file, you can contact with our local FAE staff or saler via, thank you.

@Duncan.Xu-Q Could you please send the link to download EC25 flashing tools and driver for Linux. I am on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Thank you.

Hi there,
I have send the upgrade tools and driver via email, please check your email, thank you.

Hi @Duncan.Xu-Q Could you please send the link to download EC25AU and EC25AUX? we work with mikrotik router

Hello, I am also using EC25-V with a Verizon SIM on a Xilink device that uses embedded Yocto Linux distro. The Quectel module doesn’t get mounted at boot up. It shows up under lsusb

and the SIM card state reads an error.

But the EC25 module doesn’t get mounted as /dev/ttyUSB*
Any feedback would be welcome.

The current firmware in the module is EC25VFAR02A13M4G. Please send the latest firmware of ec25 and installation guide on my email as well. Thanks!

and me too sand to email latest firmware of ec25 please :slight_smile: