EC25 modem vs EC25A modem + Upgrade lastest firmware

How can I upgrade my modem to latest version? I recently bought a Fastrask supreme lte 4G
modem but I got the problem in sim connection. I always got the message: “Sim not inserted”.
Im using Tmobile and H20 carrier, both carriers are belong to USA. Does this model support for these 2 carriers Tmobile and H20?
In addition, how can I get EC25A and EC25 AF modems? Are there any differences with EC25 A modem and modem EC25? The EC25 doesnt support US carriers?

Please advise!

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Dear Tn85260,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
Please note that EC25 just a common module type which contains many variants apply for different region, such as EC25-A and EC25-AF are can apply for North America and Mexico, of course can support USA carriers.The following are supported bands of the two module, please check. Thanks!


But why I always got the message is that “sim not inserted” although I tried many times but same issue.
Do I need to update firmware? Please advise.

Dear Tn85260,
Please check whether the SIM card connection is normal, you can unplug and plug SIM card again to have a try, or you can check the SIM card hardware design circuit, also you can try whether have to set SIM detection function with AT+QSIMDET. Thanks!