EC25 mini pcie Quecopen

I’ve bought EC25-E mini PCIe board and inserted in the PCIe EVB. And I want to build and program module directly (e.g. with C language). I don’t want to use another MCU just for AT Commands.
Now, I have some questions:
1- Is QuecOpen SDK suitable for me? or there is another way to solve my problem?
2- Can I have EC25 QuecOpen or other SDK?
3- Can I work with that SDK and also with these boards? I mean, Does these boards (Mini-PCIe) compatible with QuecOpen SDK?
4- What about BG95 Module? I want to buy BG95 and work with it also.

Thanks for your help and your high tech products.

Hi Mohsen, thanks for your question
From your description, I understand that you don’t want to use AT commands only, you want to develop other functions. We recommend that you use the Quecopen solution. You can email your company name and development requirements to We will send you the relevant SDK and boards after evaluation. At the same time, we will also have a dedicated sales team and Local FAE staff will provide you with technical support.
If you want to buy a BG module, you can log in to the website for consultation, thank you.