EC25 Mini PCI-E Sim Detection Issue

I have the ec25 mini pci-e module and I want to multiplex 4 sim cards on one module. I cannot get the module to detect the sim has been removed/changed. I’m currently just trying to get the module to detect any sim changes. I have not created the multiplexer yet.

The module works as it should with my raspberry pi with the original sim card inserted. When I swap out the sim card with the module running, I have to physically reconnect the entire usb device for it to detect the new sim.

I’ve tried rebooting the module using the AT commands and turning the hot swap feature on/off. The only way to get the newly inserted sim card working is by physically disconnecting the usb module and reconnecting it.

How do I handle a sim card change with the module running? Does the mini pci-e module have the sim presence feature?

Update: I managed to get the sim card to be reinitialized by having AT+QSIMDET=1,1 but I have to execute AT+CFUN=1,1 and reconnect to the module again. This is a step forward as I don’t have to unplug the entire module. It detects when I remove the sim card, but when I insert a new one I still get +QSIMSTAT: 1,0

Hi @evo
Can you use AT+QGMR command to query the firmware version currently in use? I want to confirm whether the latest version has this optimization.