EC25 LTE modem Fake?

I am wondering if the this LTE modem is fake or not. This, because I am getting an different output with an lsusb and ate command.

root@WiFiX:/dev# lsusb
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 2c7c:0125 Quectel Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd. EC25 LTE modem

ATI command
root@WiFiX:/dev# socat - /dev/ttyUSB2,crnl
Model: 4108
Revision: QKL-GM61

IMEI: 865298031172527


So the lsusb is showing Quectel as the manufacturer and the ATI command is showing QUALCOMM as the maker of this mPCI module.

So Am I dealing with a fake card ?
The card is self does not have an part nummer printed on the chip and or mode.

Thank you for your feedback, this is indeed a fake module.

THX for the reply. This all I need to know.