EC25 Linux Driver - IP not acquired sometimes

We are using linux quectel_CM for connecting with EC25 using qmi over USB.
We are randomly facing issue where the IP assignment does not happen. Our units are installed in vehicles and during travelling it so happens that 2 or 3 units randomly will stop acquiring the IP around the same location and do not recover automatically even in full strength area. We have to reboot the entire unit for the IP assignment.

It seems to be quectel_CM issue as the modem power is already reset every 30 minutes if there is no IP acquired.

Kindly go through the logs attached and let us know how we can ensure that the devices get continous connectivity without frequent restarts.

In the logs after [08-18_06:43:52:657] the connectivity failed and resumed after power restart at around [08-18_10:08:56:502]

The root cause of not being able to obtain IP is network problems, causing PDP to be unable to activate, then quectel-CM stops dialing, and the network card cannot obtain IP. Can you not enter the low-power mode (requestSetOperatingMode does not execute) test?

We already do a hard reset of modem after 15 mins in this case. But it still does not work. Even restarting the quectel-CM does not fix the issue.

On further analysis we have found that in some cases even restart does not solve the issue. But if we change the EC25 module, everything works as expected for few random number of days and then the same problem occurs. Please find the attached log files for working and non working modules, both modules were initially working, but now with one module ip assignment fails for the same sim card with same setup with which other module is working. (6.4 KB)