EC25 Linux Driver in 2G mode

I’m working on a project that i need to share EC25 internet with openwrt OS.
i installed USB and QMI driver and everything is OK if the network be LTE.
but when i lock network on GPRS or WCDMA the network connection will be lost but in this mode EC25 ping command will work fine.
whats the reason ?
Is it the Because of QMI Driver??

what version of the qmi driver are you using?

Thats the version of qmi related packages:

kmod-usb-net-qmi-wwan - 5.4.154-1
libqmi - 1.28.8-1
luci-proto-qmi - git-21.163.62601-127b896
uqmi - 2020-11-22-0a19b5b7-3

Now im using Quectel-CM V1.5 and I have internet connection in all network types
but sometimes the connection will close by quectel-cm and this errors are showing for a long time:

[02-22_15:05:44:533] QmiThreadSendQMITimeout pthread_cond_timeout_np timeout
[02-22_15:05:44:533] requestDeactivateDefaultPDP err = 145

can you help in this problem??

use ./quectel-CM -s “apn name” -v , add -v parameter.
and what is the kernel version?

thanks for your quick reply.
kernel version is 5.4.154.
and what is -v parameter for??

  1. Make sure your SIM card can be used normally on GPRS or WCDMA network.
  2. Restart the module and try again.