EC25 HTTP Protocol

Hi Team,
I am using the EC25E module to send data to google cloud using HTTP Protocol. But sometimes I am getting the HTTP Busy error at that time I’m was handling the error like turn off the internet and again activate internet and activate PDP service and still, I am getting the HTTP error Continuously Please let me know how to handle this error.

Hello kalyan_matta
Please send your steps below this topic, we will check the steps right or not,and you can refer quectel HTTP(S) application note, thank you.
Quectel_LTE_Standard_HTTP(S)_Application_Note_V1.1.pdf (394.7 KB)

Hello Team,
Thanks for the response I have followed the steps that had mentioned in the documents but it won’t help but I found another way to solve this like I have done the module restart by using the restart pin of the EC25E like this my problem was solved.

Thanking you,
M Kalyan