EC25 - gpsOneXTRA bin file upload fail

I want use gpsOneXTRA


follow this document Chapter 3.3

  2. reboot module
  3. download xtra2.bin
  4. send xtra.bin QCOM(Before uploading the file, I checked for the existence of the file in the module.)

  1. AT+QFUPL=“RAM:xtra2.bin”,23373,60

[2020-03-25 15:55:05:706_S:] AT+QFUPL=“RAM:xtra2.bin”,23373,60
[2020-03-25 15:55:05:710_R:] AT+QFUPL=“RAM:xtra2.bin”,23373,60
[2020-03-25 15:55:05:713_R:] DSR:0 CTS:0 RI:0 (DCD:1)

[2020-03-25 15:55:05:714_R:] CONNECT
[2020-03-25 15:56:05:713_R:] +QFUPL: 0,0

[2020-03-25 15:56:05:713_R:] +CME ERROR: Time out

Did I miss any steps? and correct xtra2.bin site link?


Dear Sera,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
For your issue, i think it is the xtra2 file have not upload successful.
You can try to check whether the RAM free space is enough for this file.
And it is no need to reboot module after you send AT+QGPSXTRA=1 command. Please retry it. Thanks!

Dear Kyson

How to check RAM free space?

Please use the following command. Thanks!

Thank you for reply.

[2020-03-25 17:33:18:281_S:] AT+QFLDS=“RAM”
[2020-03-25 17:33:18:284_R:] AT+QFLDS=“RAM”
[2020-03-25 17:33:18:285_R:] +QFLDS: 2606080,2616320

[2020-03-25 17:33:18:285_R:] OK

I think enough RAM free size.

Dear Sera,
Yes, the RAM free size is enough. So for your issue, it is better do not reboot the module after you send AT+QGPSXTRA=1 command. Thanks!
You can check the following AT sequence. Thanks!

Dear Kyson

[2020-03-25 18:38:29:855_S:] AT+QGPSXTRA=1
[2020-03-25 18:38:29:861_R:] AT+QGPSXTRA=1
[2020-03-25 18:38:29:863_R:] OK
[2020-03-25 18:40:22:832_S:] AT+QFUPL=“RAM:xtra2.bin”,23373,60
[2020-03-25 18:40:22:837_R:] AT+QFUPL=“RAM:xtra2.bin”,23373,60
[2020-03-25 18:40:22:840_R:] CONNECT

[2020-03-25 18:40:22:842_R:] DSR:0 CTS:0 RI:0 (DCD:1)
[2020-03-25 18:41:22:841_R:] +QFUPL: 0,0

[2020-03-25 18:41:22:841_R:] +CME ERROR: Time out

I didn’t reboot. but occur same error.

Dear Sera,
Please double check when the it return CONNECT, whether you will click to send file, and whether you have delete the old file existed in module RAM. Please use AT+QFLST=“RAM:*” to check whether it already exist the xtra2 file, if yes, please delete it with AT+QFDEL=“RAM:” , then upload it again. Thanks!

Dear Kyson

success upload file! thank you
I have a question.
why use AT+QGPSXTRATIME=0,“2020/03/26,15:30:30”,1,1,5
Is this command necessary?
What happens if I input the wrong time?

Dear Sera,
Yes, it is need to inject the time, and must be correct time. As you know that this time is for gpsoneXTRA, which is helpful for accelerate the positioning. So please pay attention to it. Thanks!

Hello I had the same issue

now I get the connect but how do I get the coordinates?
[2020-07-06 16:31:39:453_R:] AT+QGPSXTRADATA?
[2020-07-06 16:31:39:456_R:] +QGPSXTRADATA: 0,“1980/01/05,19:00:00”

[2020-07-06 16:31:39:456_R:] OK
[2020-07-06 16:32:24:998_S:] AT+QFUPL=“RAM:xtra2.bin”,60717,60
[2020-07-06 16:32:25:036_R:] AT+QFUPL=“RAM:xtra2.bin”,60717,60
[2020-07-06 16:32:25:038_R:] DSR:0 CTS:0 RI:0 (DCD:1)

[2020-07-06 16:32:25:040_R:] CONNECT

[2020-07-06 16:35:01:244_R:] DSR:0 CTS:0 RI:0 (DCD:0)
[2020-07-06 16:35:01:244_R:] +QFUPL: 76,4e42

[2020-07-06 16:35:01:244_R:] +CME ERROR: Time out
[2020-07-06 16:37:32:351_S:] AT+QGPSXTRADATA?
[2020-07-06 16:37:32:401_R:] AT+QGPSXTRADATA?
[2020-07-06 16:37:32:401_R:] +QGPSXTRADATA: 0,“1980/01/05,19:00:00”

[2020-07-06 16:37:32:401_R:] OK

[2020-07-06 16:43:10:904_R:] +CTZE: “-16”,1,“2020/07/06,20:31:07”

[2020-07-06 16:43:10:910_R:] DSR:0 CTS:0 (RI:1) DCD:0

[2020-07-06 16:43:10:918_R:] +CTZE: “-16”,1,“2020/07/06,20:43:10”

[2020-07-06 16:43:11:018_R:] DSR:0 CTS:0 (RI:0) DCD:0

how do I get the coordinates?

Dear Vevisu,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
Please check the following test steps, you can get more information from the following document. Thanks!

Quectel_LTE_Standard_GNSS_Application_Note_V1.2.pdf (322.1 KB)

Hi there,

Can anyone help me with the “send xtra2.bin” QCOM? I downloaded the xtra2.bin to home/pi/ . Is there a specific location that I need to keep the file if I am launching the minicom from the same location?

Thanks in advance.


Dear Saman,
You can check the following user guide of QCOM tool. Thanks!
Quectel_QCOM_User_Guide_V1.1.pdf (646.8 KB)