EC25 GPS frequency

Good morning.

In the GNSS manual (Quectel_EC2xEG9xEG25-G_Series_QuecOpen_GNSS_API_Reference_Manual_V1.0.pdf) it states at 2.1 that “Support to output positioning information in multiple frequency, such as 1 Hz, 2 Hz, 5 Hz and 10 Hz.”

Could someone please advise how to set our EC25AF modules to run at 10 Hz? I have been searching for several hours now and have not found appropriate instructions. Your help would be most appreciated.

Firmware revision we are on is EC25AFAR05A06M4G.

Thank you.

It is for OpenLinux version and Quectel can provide API for it.

For sandard firmware, you can try


But maybe it don’t support that.