EC25 GPS Does it support time accuracy less than 1 second?

Hi everyone,

I work on the following module:


I’m reading time with command:
+QGPSLOC: 080741.0,40.73102,2.46361,0.6,33.0,2,192.13,0.0,0.0,191021,07

The milliseconds of the UTC part is always 0 (080741.0). I did a couple of readouts and always got 0.

My question is, does this module support a more accurate timestamp (less than 1 second)? Is there another AT command to get milliseconds?

Many thanks!

Hi remusmp
Sorry, there is no at command that can get the time in milliseconds .
Best wishes

Is there any other way to get time with milliseconds?

Hi Remusmp
Sorry, I cannot provide you with time in milliseconds
Best wishes

Thank you Felix! It’s clear now. Have a nice day!