EC25 firmware no respose from support

I am trying to obtain firmware and drivers for my EC25 module… I have sent several emails to support and get no response…

I am looking for firmware, tools, docs, I am using EC25 in the USA…

please givem e other solution. sending email to give me Zero answer!

It would be nice if Quectel would have all their modem firmwares posted on a website so users can access it quickly. Having to email for each model/version a hassle. Most other modem manufactures have it posted for easy access, it’s not like a big secret. :wink:

We’re sorry to hear this Christopher.
If support is busy, they will need full information in order to spend time on support.
You should specify full module version and full firmware.
Also we expect customers to get support from their distributers.
There’s too many customers doing private projects, buying our products at Farnell, RS or Alibaba.
We’re sure you understand we cannot support (spend time) on these cases anymore.

Dear Bill,
We do have a website for FW and document deliveries.
But it’s only for registered customers.

support responded… but where am I supposed to buy the product from? it turns out my module is on the latest firm,ware for the USA carriers as of now. . but how am I to get notified of future releases, I cannot use a product in my systems that it takes a week or more to obtain firmwares for… our test modules are working excellent so far… we boguth the modules from amazon business because we use them a lot for buying products. where shopuld we have bnought it (in the USA?). . if I buy a Honda car that is new or even very recent from a hoinda dealer or from a person selling it to me opn the street then Honda still supports it with service if it is under the warranty peiod regardless of who I bought it from… this is simple why not allow small individuals to have access to firmwares and documents and drivers? this kind of thing makes me look to use other products like Sierra (competitor) because we dont waste our time emailing back and forth for days… we just get the files we need, test and go… our time cost $$ too…

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this topic caught my eye… As my company is about to start producing devices using Quectel modems I would be interested to hear how we get to become a registered customer to be able to access FW and documents easily?



Dear Mika,
In order to get in contact with FAE or Sales.
Please fill in all fields correctly at
Or contact your distributer.
Cheers !

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@ Leonardus < I have subscribed to support, but they make it a difficult process by having to take pictures of the modems, imei’s etc. All other modem manufacturers have a regular website with and FTP server where you can download all firmwares without all the hassle. It would be nice if Quectel would do the same… just a thought.

Dear Bill,
Yes, we’re sorry you’ll have to go through this process.
But we have many products, hardware and firmware versions. Therefore:

  • We need to know the module casing numbers to understand the module version / compatibility with firmware versions / Operator compatibility / Qualification and certification compatibility

  • If we would put our firmware public, customers will probably choose the wrong versions, the modules will get stuck, some commands will not be supported anymore, certification or qualification will loose validity, etc.

  • So if other manufacturers put their firmware in public, it’s a different strategy. At Quectel we hope the customers would appreciate the “personal touch” ;o)

Leonardus < I appreciate the personal touch, but for more technically savvy and volume buyers (I usually buy 10 or more pieces per month), it would be great to have a regular FTP server without wasting much time. Just a thought, course you guys do it the way you see fit. :wink:

By the way, Yoli from tech support has kindly provided me with all the different modem firmwares I have in stock, so I’m quite pleased.

I couldnt get them to provide me the firmwares… they just keep telling me over and over that my current modems have the latest, which is fine… im OK with that. but if every time an update comes out i have to go through this. I wont spoec these modems in my projects, im not high enough voilume buyer for them to care about me… Telit is a different story… the large distributor I got my LM through is very gracious in providing me all the tools and access I need… those modems are a similar price point so we are testing more of those units to see how they handle various environmental conditions and EMI, etc… we got away from selling routers and devices budled with the modems for this very reason, getting updates was terrible so alas why we assemble our own units now… so using a modem that we cannot get firmwares readily for is a Non-starter for us… esp since we want consistemnt firmwares in the field… as we buy new modems they may ship with later firmwares that we have not approved on our end… thus we would want to be able to downgrade those modules to stable versions we have placed… perhaps it isnt always open for every end user? however when someone writes and asks for it and to have an email string over a week and still not be provided the tools and file for us to keep opn hand nakes this a non starter… such a shame because thus far in testing our EC25-AFs are performing well.