EC25 FC20 AT+QWIFI Issue

Hello all,
I have some issues regarding EC25 and FC20 board.
I’m using the eval board of Quectel.

I use the command AT+QWIFI=1 to enable wifi.
The modem respond an error.

If I use AT+QWIFI=0, it’s OK, no error.

Before using the command, must I do some other things?


Dear Sir,
Before you use AT+QWIFI=1 to enable the WIFI function, you can use AT+QWIFI? to check the WIFI status, if it return 0 which means that the WIFI is in disable status, if return 1 which means that the WIFI already enabled, so you do not need to enable it again. Of course,before you check it, you should make sure EC25+FC20 connection correct and power on normally. Thanks!

Dear Kyson,
thank you for your reply.
I found the issue (I forget to move the switch on the EVB !).

I was successfully using WiFi with EC25+FC20N, But I am not sure why it suddenly stop working. Now whenever i send AT+QWIFI=1 it result in error. (As I was already using WiFi on same hardware, So I think Hardware is OK. Also I am able to use internet on Laptop via USB connection)

Looking forward for your help.

attached the latest results. You can see that first QWIFI=1 return error and then later it connected successfully. But on next attempt it fails. I am not getting what the problem is.

Dear Sir,
Please check the following picture, i have try it in my side, just with old FW. It is normal. So it is better to check with the connection between EG25 and FC20 is normal. And if you meet such issue, you can try to send AT+QWIFI=0 first, then try AT+QWIFI=1 again. If you make sure hardware is normal, i think you can try catch the module’s debug log to analyze the reason. You can contact our local FAE in your country to get the log tool and ask them to help analyze it. Thanks.

i don’t know how to contact with local FAE. I am currently working from Pakistan. can you please provide me the contact details to contact the local FAE.

Please click the following link to download the reference design. Thanks!
About log tool, please contact our local FAE to get it. Thanks!

Some how we fixed the above problem. there was problem with power supply of FC20 and SDIO3.0 routing. I would like to ask that can we use internet simultaneously over Quectel Wireless ethernet adapter with USB cable and WiFi Hotspot with FC20 module.

Right now after testing seems like one of them works at a time.

Yes, you can internet simultaneously over Quectel Wireless Ethernet adapter with USB cable and WiFi Hotspot with FC20 module.
For Ethernet, you can use AT+QWWAN=1 to enable it. For WIFI, you can use AT+QWIFI=1 to enable it. Thanks!

Hi all,
In case you need to contact with FAE just go to the company’s webpage and fill the form for Technical Support, the FAE will contact you.

Best Regards

It always give error to this command, what could be the reason ?

Dear Aamirniaz434,
Please make sure the connection of EC25 and FC20 have no any issue, you can double check your hardware connection. And before send AT+QWWAN=1, you can use AT+QWWAN? to check the status, if it returns 1, you do not need to send the command again. Thanks!

AT+QWWAN? return 0, but i am using internet with USB and its working fine. As i wrote before, WiFi and USB internet are not working simultaneously but working one at a time. I think there is no problem with hardware right now.

Dear Aamirniaz434,
Please check the following test picture in my side. Thanks!
The following is screenshot of my PC, my PC connect to module to access the network with USB NDIS network card.

The following is the screen of my cell phone, which connect to FC20 wifi to access the network.
So please confirm your test method in your side. Thanks!
By the way, if your PC connect to wifi or USB, of course it cannot support to access internet simultaneously. Thanks!

Let me re explain to you.
Step 1: I attached my hardware to computer and it can connect to computer and i can use internet over USB

Step 2 :Then I issue AT+QWIFI and AT+QWBCAST command and it executed successfully
Step 3 : When i connect my mobile to Wireless Hotspot, it can connect to WiFi but no internet over WiFi. So there is only internet over USB.

To use internet over WiFi, I need to disable internet over USB
After that i can use internet with WiFi.

So I want to use internet over USB and WiFi together. So my question was if Quectel modem can support that or why i am facing this problem.

Looking forward for your response.

Dear Aamirniaz,
I have double checked the test , the same results as you. i will double check with RD to confirm it. And you also can contact our local FAE to support you or send email to Thanks!

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I am using Revision: EG25GGBR07A07M2G. waiting for your response and fix. Normal phones can support both USB tethering and WiFi Hotspot at the same time. I think probably you need to enable it in the software and it should work.

Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks

@Kyson any news ? What RD engineers said ? I never got response from

You already send email to
Please tell me your email address, your company name and your country. I will check whether have assign a local FAE to support you. Thanks!