EC25 FC20 AT+QWIFI Issue

Hello all,
I have some issues regarding EC25 and FC20 board.
I’m using the eval board of Quectel.

I use the command AT+QWIFI=1 to enable wifi.
The modem respond an error.

If I use AT+QWIFI=0, it’s OK, no error.

Before using the command, must I do some other things?


Dear Sir,
Before you use AT+QWIFI=1 to enable the WIFI function, you can use AT+QWIFI? to check the WIFI status, if it return 0 which means that the WIFI is in disable status, if return 1 which means that the WIFI already enabled, so you do not need to enable it again. Of course,before you check it, you should make sure EC25+FC20 connection correct and power on normally. Thanks!

Dear Kyson,
thank you for your reply.
I found the issue (I forget to move the switch on the EVB !).