EC25-EUX Sending SMS but No Internet

Hi folks,

I was able to use sms and internet with my first SIM card inserted in my EC25-EUX module. However, when I inserted sim cards of other operators, I could not use internet and sms. After inserting the new sim card, I used AT+CFUN=0&AT+CFUN=1 commands and I was able to send SMS. However, I still cannot connect to the internet. What is the reason?


Hi @qug112
Can you use AT+QENG=“SERVINGCELL” to query the network status when you can’t connect to the Internet?

Hi @lyman-Q

Response is:

+QENG: “serving cell”,“SEARCH”.

Hi @qug112
It seems that the registration to the network has not been successful, and it is still in the stage of searching the network. Can you try it on another device to make sure that the SIM card is available?



I tried with many SIM Cards, I can’t connect to the internet with any operator other than the TURKCELL operator that I set up at first.

Meanwhile, I can send SMS regardless of the operator.

I am connecting EC25-EUX to Raspberry Pi 4 with SIXFAB HAT. I can access the internet with TURKCELL and I can see the ppp connection with the “ifconfig” command.

But when I change carrier, I can’t see the ppp connection and I can’t access the internet.