EC25-EUX mini pcie (issue of connection with host (desktop) )

I apologize if the solution already exists, but I couldn’t find the exact answer to my question. I am currently working on designing a PCB for a telecom application. To enable internet connectivity, I’ve opted to use the EC25-EUX mini PCIe module. However, when I insert the modem PCIe module into my customized PCIe slot and connect the PCB to my desktop, I encounter a message from Windows Explorer stating, “[USB device not recognized. The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunction

ed, and Windows does not recognize it.]”

In the figure I provided, you can see the USB part of the PCB schematic. I’ve attempted to adhere to the requirements outlined in the updated datasheet of the EC25 series (2019 version). Unfortunately, I cannot identify the error. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

N.B: I have carefully followed the specifications mentioned in the updated datasheet of the EC25 series (2019 version). If anyone can help me detect the error, I would be grateful.

Thank you.

Have you installed the USB driver?