EC25 EUX mini PCI-E automatic power up after power down - Hardware design of Mini PCI-E card - Resistor location connected to PWRKEY


I use a Banana PI BPI-R3 in combination with a Quectel EC25 AUX modem soldered on a normal Mini PCI-E card (I just buyed the card as a consumer product).

The Modem works fine. I established successfull an Internet connection! But the modem is usually not the main connection for getting internet. To reduce power consumption I wanted to shut down the modem. Because even with AT+CFUN=0 the consumption is to high for something which I normally not use.

My Problem is the automatic reboot after shutiing down the modem. I can send the AT+QPOWD command and the modem shuts down. Status LED of BPI-R3 go’s off. But after some seconds it turns on by itself.

If I understand it right (from other chats), a 10 kΩ resistor on the mini PCI-E Board (connected to GND) is responsible for that? There is no other explaination for this behavoir?

Should that be right, I assume that the resistor is located on the mini PCI-E Board because I looked on the pinning of the Board. → There is no outgoing PWRKEY. PWRKEY is for me just visible on the LGA Device:

Can someone show me on the picture which I uploaded, where the resistor is located? I’m really in trouble, because I found no schematic drawing of these (Quectel?) Mini PCI-E PCB’s.


Quectel_EC25_Series_Mini_PCIe_Hardware_Design_V2.6.pdf (1.2 MB)
The attachment is the hardware document,you can refer it,and there is a pull-up resistor in internal circuit for PWRKEY,i think it will not influence the power on.
You can give us your design.I wll check it,thank you.