Ec25-eux fc20 at+qwifi? error

Hi everyone,

I am working with EC25-EUX and FC20-Q93 modules and I designed my own PCB to work with trying to share internet over wifi. I have successfully achieved a 12 Mbps internet connection via USB.

Usb connection works fine

When i check wifi connection i get error message like this.
I made the design by making use of the hardware design documents, I think that the pins are connected properly. I tried 2 different PCBs to test, I get this error in both wifi connections. When I measure the SDIO pins with a multimeter, approximately the same value is measured between all of them and I think the paths and pads are connected.

I look forward to your help in this topic.
Thank you very much.

I found the solution EC25-EUX module doesn’t support WiFi interface but EC25-E module supports WiFi interface.

First of all glad to answer your question. EC25-EUX does not support WIFI interface, you can switch to EC25-E and try again, thank you. EC25 series specifications are as follows
Quectel_EC25_Series_LTE_Standard_Specification_V2.4.pdf (502.1 KB)

Thanks Felix,
Thank you for your response, yesterday I replaced my EC25EUX modules with EC25E.