Ec25-eux - asap

Hi folks,

I’m using EC25-EUX for sending sms and using internet connection via celluar.

At the beginning, I inserted X operator’s SIM Card and completed the settings set-up. After that SMS and internet connection was successful.

Then I inserted Y operator’s SIM Card instead of X. Although SMS still working, I couldn’t connect internet via cellular.

I think that the cause is APN setting. EC25 can’t automatically set APN according to inserted SIM card?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @qug112
The automatic filling of APN is mainly for commonly used carrier APNs, some private networks or APNs of small carriers need to be manually configured, you can use AT+QICSGP configuration.

hi @lyman-Q

I’m testing in Türkiye. And the operators are Vodafone, TURKCELL, Türk Telekom.

Are you sure about EC25-EUX supports auto APN?

Hi @qug112
Yes, I’m sure.