EC25-EU Latest Firmware

We are observing connection problems with the EC25-EU LTE module and would like to try out the latest firmware.

Our host-processor is a Raspberry Pi CM4 running a custom Linux distribution built using Yocto.

Could someone please:

  1. Provide the latest firmware for the LTE module.
  2. Provide tools and/or instructions on how to update the LTE module via USB from an embedded Linux platform.

The LTE module is specifically: EC25EUXGA-128-SGNS.

Please send via private message.

Best regards,

Hi @devik
Can I ask what firmware version you are currently using and where you are using the module?

@lyman-Q Can you provide instructions on how to read the firmware version? So far, I am have simply used quectel-cm to set up a data connection.

The LTE modules are used in Denmark.

Hi @devik
You need to compile the Linux module driver first, then check whether the USB port is displayed normally, and then enter the AT command interface through the busybox microcom /dev/ttyUSB2 tool. You can check the current firmware version through the AT+QGMR command. By the way, which region are you using the module in?

Hi @lyman-Q,

The response is:



The region that the LTE module is used in is Denmark, Europe.

Best regards,

Hi @devik
I have send the latest firmware and flash tool to you by chatbox,pls chk.