EC25 eSim Documentation

Hi, I could not find documentation or at command about eSim, can someone help about it?

Hello SmartEq_Bilisim
EC25 supports eSIM function, but it needs to be developed by the customer, so the AT command of eSIM cannot be provided temporarily, thank you.

Hi Team,
1)In our project we have connected the AMT1001 sensor to the EC-25E module. we need to publish IMEI Number, Temperature, Humidity, Latitude, Longitude, and Timestamp values to MQTT Broker.
2) We are publishing those values to the MQTT broker properly but after some time we are not publishing those values on the MQTT broker. Please say me how to clean up the MQTT broker through EC-25 Module.
Please help me as soon as possible.
Thank You.

Hi Upendhar, thanks for your question
The EC25 module can publish messages and subscribe to topics, but it does not have the authority to delete messages from the MQTT agent. You can delete them from the server side, thank you.


When it will be available, any time for it? thanks for your answer.

Hello SmartEq_Bilisim
There is currently no plan in this regard. This requires communication with ESIM manufacturers and operators to use ESIM, thank you.