EC25-E's GNSS Driver for Android

Hi, Can you share with me EC25-E 's GNSS driver for android 6.0 ?

Dear Sir,
Please download the driver from:

thanks @Berton.Peng-Q I downloaded the drivers and I installed them on gps_cfg.inf /system/etc and /system/lib/hw path .I can use EC25-E to use internet but I couldn’t get GNSS data.Did I have a mistake here ? My device is android 6.0 and 32 bit.

#you can modify this config file to adapt your demand.
#the line start with ‘;’ means not support
#the line start with ‘#’ means use default config



Dear Sir,

Please try to modify the config file as below:

And then inquiry the GNSS on/off state via ‘AT+QGPS?’, if response is ‘+QGPS: 0’, you need turning on GNSS via ‘AT+QGPS=1’.

BTW, please refer to provided manual to exclude other possible reasons.

Thanks a lot @Berton.Peng-Q It is OK, now. I have another question. I had used EC20 module due to that EC20’s RIL Driver available on my android device but also EC25-E working in the same driver.Does it affect the performance? Should I install EC25-E’s RIL driver ?If yes, can you share with me please ?

Dear Josephars3,
They can use the same EC20’s RIL driver. It won’t affect the performance.

Ok. Thanks a lot @Berton.Peng-Q .