EC25-EC Latest Firmware


We have a Quectel EC25-EC and we would like to know if there is a newer firmware than the one attached in the picture. Unfortunately the device is unable to connect to the network or is very unreliable. We use it in the Czech Republic.


Can I ask you for a link to a newer firmware?

The QCOM with command AT+QGMR
Gave me this:





Maybe the issue is with drivers too, can we get newest USB driver for the EC25-EC for Windows and maybe Linux too?

Thank you.

Hi @Energizer77
Please give your e-mail and i will send the latest firmware and driver to you.

Hello we are used the EC25-EC built-in on Router and we have a lot of conection problems, could you please to send me the last firmware and the upgrade tool? the drivers for linux too.
my email is
and for information the APN its euskaltel (orange) and the country its Spain.

I am using RUT240 LTE router.
I have some issues in connection and communication.
May I request a modem firmware file for EC25ECGAR06A04M1G_01.004.01.004 ?
my email is
I’d be grateful if anybody helps me.
Thank you.