EC25-E speed after connecting to APU3

Good evening,
I have a question regarding the EC25-E and the speed of the device. I’ve connected it to an APU3 unit and it says the spd=FULL (12Mbps) which I consider low. I’ve found somewhere in the documentation that it can be connected in two modes 12Mbps or the full 150Mbps. The low speed is confirmed as well by testing the download speed … if I compare that with the download speed of the same SIM card in a mobile phone, it is really slow in the EC25-E.
Otherwise it is showing no error. It is able to initialize, connect, I have an internet connection … which is however very slow.

Could you please let me know how could I change the speed to 150Mbit? Is there e.g. any init string I should use in the configuration which changes this? Or any other way I could do that, please?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Please refer to the spec as below, different network ,different speed. These are theoretical values. If the module attached LTE-FDD, it will support 150 Mbps by default, don’t do any special configuration. But the speed depends on the real network capacity.
So firstly you need to check if the module register LTE-FDD band, and the base station can support 150Mbps, In the meanwhile, there is no speed limitation on sim card.
There are some commands to query the current registered status of the module. You can also refer to AT commands manual for more details.

Thank you for your reply. Well … the device should be attached to LTE-FDD or LTE-TDD, because as I mentioned when I was testing the speed at the same place, but on a mobile phone (I’ve just moved the SIM from the modem to mobile phone), the speeds were much higher. Basically we can say it was 5Mbps (modem) vs. 50Mbps (mobile).
Sorry, I am completely noob on this … I can issue the mentioned commands (AT+COPS?, AT+QENG=“servingcell”, AT+QNWINFO) and check the output?
Thank you for any helpful advice.

Hello everyone,
anyone else who could help me or confirm my understanding, please?
Thanks a lot!

I suppose you’re talking about USB speed. EC25 supports USB 2.0 max, so if it connects at USB 1.1 speed, then something is probably wrong with the host drivers.

  • USB 1.1/Full-Speed : 12 Mbps.
  • USB 2.0/Hi-Speed : 480 Mbps.

Then if you want to achieve higher speeds (assuming radio network allows that at the given location), you should use QMI protocol between the modem and the host, not PPP.
Before comparing results with the phone make sure your phone is of the same LTE category - EC25 is CAT4 device.

Sorry, I don’t understand. The EC25-E is a PCI connected device. I’ve connected it via PCI and when I checked via command line, it said spd=FULL (12Mbps).
I suppose it is connected correctly (there is no other PCI where I could connect it.
In this case … how could I find what the issue is?
Is it:

  1. PfSense & drivers related to it
  2. The EC25-E itself
  3. The hardware - APU3 unit
  4. Combination of any or all of the above

How could I sort this out and make it work on the maximum speed, please?

EC25-E is using USB even it is physically plugged into miniPCIe slot.
FreeBSD has very weak modem support, so trying to make modern modem working with pfSense is a waste of time, IMHO.