EC25-E QFlash error

Hi I have used EC25EFA-512-STD, and after I changed the EC25-E as below(first existing EC25-E-> second new EC25-E), the QFlash tool pops up the error(Fail, update_usb_QDLoader_port, No right port!). There was no error with existing EC25-E, but after it changed, the error pops up everytime. Is there any difference between these models?(e.g. firmware, Qflash setting) I think these models are same in terms of part number except for package sticker.
[existing EC25-E]
EC25 existing
[new EC25-E]
ec25 new

There is no difference between these two modules.
I wonder whether the DM port is changed because of the change of the module.
QFLASH does not recognize the correct port, so we need to manually change the correct port.